>T4T5 – Gone potty with appliqué – April was a success


Today was fun. Having got myself a new glue stick during the week, I’ve been playing with freezer paper appliqué to further test my Modern Twist appliqué teapot template (try to say that five times quickly!). Here’s what I ended up with…
While I’ve decided I like the result I’ve got, I’m still deciding if this is worth the extra work to use the freezer paper method. I like the rounded edge, the extra layers, the ability to use less stark stitching and the general texture of the freezer paper method. The down side is, it is more fiddly, and I’m not sure it’s worth it yet…So the results we have for the different colours and styles of the Modern Twist teapot are shown in the photo below.

I’ve been thinking some more while I’ve done these three, and I think the design of the quilt is going to change a bit – to now more obviously include a clock face as part of the centre panel, so I think what I might do is use a combination of the different appliqué methods, with the ‘stick and stitch’ method for the appliqué in the background (as its not worth the bother if it will be covered by other layers anyway) and the freezer-paper or similar for the foreground teapots. So what all this means is also that I need some more teapot templates to experiment with to test this view – and probably to explain the general layout of the quilt so you can all picture what it might be like as well.
Happy stitching,

PS: I drafted this post on 26 April and then neglected to load it – that’s why we’ve got April in the May section – Doh! Bert.


About bertcollections

I began quilting, with the help of some friends, in 2005, and have been quilting ever since. In that time, I’ve completed several projects in a variety of styles and colour combinations. My approach to quilting generally doesn’t involve using a particular pattern. I tend to have a concept I want to bring to life, or find a fabric on sale somewhere that looks like it could be turned into something fun. As the photos in the 'Introductions' post show, my quilts cross a range of styles, but generally use some strong colours and shapes.
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