Warrambui Virgin


Yes, until this weekend, I was a Warrambui virgin.

Huh? Warrambui is a quilting retreat held in Canberra, or rather Murrumbateman, NSW each year around October. I’d been meaning to go for a couple of years and finally got there last weekend. I was a bit worried when I read the information pack the week before as it said, much to my dismay, that it was all hand sewing! Ugh! I’d never pieced a hand-stitched block in my life, and didn’t have any intention to, and here I was going to a hand-sewing retreat….must read the fine print next time ☺

Presented with the hand piecing dilemma, I decided that hexagons in a ‘Granny’s Garden’ design seemed a good way to use the box of scraps that was starting to explode in my sewing room and learn a new technique. So I got onto the internet, found that the pre-cut paper shapes were so cheap it wasn’t worth doing myself, packed up my kit bag and off I went.

It was great fun, stitching and chatting and generally doing not much else and I discovered to my surprise that hand pieced blocks weren’t really scary after all. Now I’m on a crusade to see how many hexagons I can sew in between everything else. I’m thinking I’ll make more hexagons while watching TV, while flying interstate, while driving to work, while talking to my Mum on the phone 😛

In fact, it was surprising just how many people were stitching hexagons at the retreat so we just may have to start a hexagons group to keep the friendships and the momentum going.

Thanks everyone for a lovely weekend.


About bertcollections

I began quilting, with the help of some friends, in 2005, and have been quilting ever since. In that time, I’ve completed several projects in a variety of styles and colour combinations. My approach to quilting generally doesn’t involve using a particular pattern. I tend to have a concept I want to bring to life, or find a fabric on sale somewhere that looks like it could be turned into something fun. As the photos in the 'Introductions' post show, my quilts cross a range of styles, but generally use some strong colours and shapes.
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5 Responses to Warrambui Virgin

  1. Debbie says:

    Hand piecing is fun, and the nice thing about it, it is portable. If you are working on a big project, can’t take your sewing machine, your always have your hands.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Hexagons are great for beginners on hand sewing. But I would not recommend to sew while driving 🙂 Happy Quilting

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