Resolvable Resolutions Part 1

P9090377 - WF front_small

I’ve been thinking about what are reasonable new years resolutions to make over the last couple of days. While I could tell you about my hopes and dreams for 2013, I thought I’d better give you a frank assessment of what happened in 2012 first. That way you can make an informed decision on whether 2013’s batch of resolutions are worth the electrons they will be written on.

My main resolution in 2012 was to maintain my work-life balance better than I have the last couple of years. Did I achieve it? Well I thought not, because I’ve worked very hard and was pretty much exhausted by the time Christmas came around. But hang on one cotton-pickin’ minute… I just thought about what I’ve managed to do this year in my sewing room and I wondered if I was a bit hard on myself at first. “You’re kidding?”-  is that what you are thinking?

Well, lets do an inventory of my actual and virtual sewing cupboard for 2012:

  • finally finished Pirate King, with 2 years to spare – originally promised to finish by E age 5 and he is only 3.
  • started and finished Gone to the Dogs including turning it into a quilllo.
  • started Black and White and Red All Over – quilt top now finished and pinned.
  • started Purposefully Pink – centre finished, needs borders and some feather quilting practice.
  • Started and finished Wild Flowers (pictured above) and entered it as my first eva competition quilt.
  • promised to make Honey Bee for N and newly expanded family, sometime in the next 5 years.
  • Quilted at least one QFO quilt, and started two more.
  • Attended the Warrambui Retreat resulting in me starting Granny’s Garden – now with about 200 hexagons finished.
  • Started and finished 4 fabric boxes for Christmas gifts, oh and a table runner.
  • And, last but not least, posted 56 new posts to this blog and a bunch of quilting guides to my website

So now I feel rather good actually. Good because somehow I’ve managed to do all this while working full time in a difficult job, buying a new house, doing many hours of mowing around the new house, and attempting to be a loving and supportive wife/sister/friend/colleague etc. Maybe that’s why I was so exhausted!

Ironically, it seems maybe I did get my work-life balance working better – by doing both to extreme rather than just working crazy hours. Lol! Mmmmm, I’m sure there is a lesson there that I should ponder as I think about writing Part 2 of this post and as I organize my work schedule for the next couple of months.

All I can say is that I now find myself rather amused at myself today, and I hope you are too.


PS: In writing the project list, I also realized I’m yet to to post the latest photos for some of these projects so I’ll put that together in a slideshow for you later in the week – so you can ponder your own resolutions with some quiet inspiration.


About bertcollections

I began quilting, with the help of some friends, in 2005, and have been quilting ever since. In that time, I’ve completed several projects in a variety of styles and colour combinations. My approach to quilting generally doesn’t involve using a particular pattern. I tend to have a concept I want to bring to life, or find a fabric on sale somewhere that looks like it could be turned into something fun. As the photos in the 'Introductions' post show, my quilts cross a range of styles, but generally use some strong colours and shapes.
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