Resolvable Resolutions Part 2 – and a gift!

20121205-191949.jpgMy gift to you today dear readers is a slideshow of 2012 projects that I’ve prepared especially for you. So if you’d wondered what Gone to the Dogs looked like when it was finished, what has been finished and what hasn’t or a just interested in some eye candy or inspiration have a browse – click on the photo to find the slideshow.

Having reviewed my new years resolutions for 2012 in this week’s earlier post, I’m devoting this one to 2013s resolutions. You be the judge of how achievable they are – and let me know what you think might help make it do-able to achieve them (all donations gratefully accepted :-P).

My overall resolution, or rather challenge to myself, this year is to ‘Keep Calm and Smell the Roses’. While you may well laugh at this, I am the sort of person who constantly fills my days with things to do because there is too much fun to be had, too many possibilities in life, and too much good food to eat to not try to do as much as possible all the time. Only I suspect I may be missing some of the show because I am too busy planning my next foray, so we’ll see if I can manage to do both.

In terms of my quilting projects this year I’d really like to take my quilting to the next level. I feel like I’ve reached a bit of a plateau and I need to give myself a bit of a push to do even better, more interesting and is to:

  • exceed the quality of my earlier work by making one thing that is stunning (yet to be determined what it is, but there might be a WILD Flowers II…);
  • get confident quilting on my new quilting frame;
  • practice finishing my quilts with different techniques (e.g. facings instead of bindings) and to a neater/competition worthy standard; and
  • blog on average, at least once a week.

This sounds all together serious, but it’s really about getting some more satisfaction from my quilting by knowing I’ve done a really good job. I’m not particularly interested in competing with my quilts, I’m thinking of using an occasional show entry to encourage me to pay a bit more attention and get the finicky details right as I go so that I can be satisfied I’ve done them well. And, while I love each of my quilts in their own special way, it’s time to take these babies for a spin and see what we can really do.

What’s your challenge or resolution for your home or hobby in 2013? Love to know what you’re scheming.



PS: There’s another gift coming in my next post – one that Maribeth asked for so keep an eye out for that one too.



About bertcollections

I began quilting, with the help of some friends, in 2005, and have been quilting ever since. In that time, I’ve completed several projects in a variety of styles and colour combinations. My approach to quilting generally doesn’t involve using a particular pattern. I tend to have a concept I want to bring to life, or find a fabric on sale somewhere that looks like it could be turned into something fun. As the photos in the 'Introductions' post show, my quilts cross a range of styles, but generally use some strong colours and shapes.
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One Response to Resolvable Resolutions Part 2 – and a gift!

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Dear Bert, I always enjoy reading your blog, so I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award: Feel free to join or to ignore it. Greetings from Vienna, Austria.

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