Have you got an E.R. quilt that needs some help? Here’s a great insight from gailwood as well as a gorgeous story of the quilt.

What’s your ER story?


The Rowdy Goddess Crafts

Grandmom's quilt

I am brave when it comes to quilting the tops of quilts.  For someone who doodles a lot, I should be braver and more willing to experiment.  I’m too critical.  I had this project a long time before I tackled it.  There is a story attached.

Many years ago, I bought a kit of squares to embroider.  They were in a pretty gray-blue, one of my favorite shades of blue and they made a lovely shape.  I started it and quickly became bored with it.  I offered the quilt squares to my grandmother, thinking she’d give them to one of her friends.  I forgot all about it.

About ten years ago, I learned to quilt.  It was slow going and I was discouraged but continued to try.  I got a bit better.  Then my mother handed me a package of batting and a quilt top.  It was those squares.  My…

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About bertcollections

I began quilting, with the help of some friends, in 2005, and have been quilting ever since. In that time, I’ve completed several projects in a variety of styles and colour combinations. My approach to quilting generally doesn’t involve using a particular pattern. I tend to have a concept I want to bring to life, or find a fabric on sale somewhere that looks like it could be turned into something fun. As the photos in the 'Introductions' post show, my quilts cross a range of styles, but generally use some strong colours and shapes.
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