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QFO – Back in the sewing room again…

After several very busy months I have made it back to the sewing room for a bit of fun… I won a pack of 5″ squares in a raffle which are nit a colour or style I would choose myself … Continue reading

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>LizQ3 – Fun with Colour

> I’m loving making this because I really have little idea what it will be like when it’s finished other than very bright and it’s great to use all of these fun fabrics I’ve been adding to my stash over … Continue reading

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>LizQ2 – Fun with Piecing

> I’m having a fun weekend, switching between building outdoor tables from recycled wood in the garage, to piecing the Liz Quilt inside. The LizQ is proving good fun, as for once I don’t have strong concept of what I … Continue reading

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>A Mother’s Day Diversion – Cards

>There’s so much to write about today, I’ve been up to all sorts of things. But first a quick diversion. In preparation for Mother’s Day I decided to experiment with patchwork cards for my collection of mothers. I found some … Continue reading

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>LRT 6 – Quilt Sandwich and Basting.

> While the title here may suggest I’ve spent the day baking, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve spent today pin-basting the quilt sandwich (backing, batting and quilt-top) of my ‘Life’s Rich Tapestry’ creation. This is a slow, … Continue reading

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