QE9 – Quilters’ Escape Southern Highlands Stop

Continuing our quilters escape into the Southern Highlands of NSW…we stopped at The Village Quilt Shop and Berrima Patchwork. I don’t know if we were getting tired but these shops were both more expensive and less helpful and friendly but it didn’t matter because the company was good.

We had a bit of time in Berrima so I had a nice lunch and some good advice at on the cup at the gumnut bakery and then a bit of a walk.

Eventually we all piled back onto the bus, a bit tired by now but we perked up when the final lucky dip happened on the way home. Thanks to all the stores that contributed goodies for the lucky dip, there was enough for everyone to get a prize and a piece of fabric as well. What a good haul!

After another couple of hours we made it back to Yass and were off the bus a bit travel weary but grinning, waving our good byes and heading home.

Well it was a fabulous trip. I now have the makings for the teddy bear quilt for the H Family, a few new friends, and some good memories to keep.

I want to say thanks to my quilting buddies for a great trip, and particularly to Kath who did a fabulous job organising it, keeping us busy, happy and roughly on time. I know there was months of preparation that went into putting the trip together, it showed, and it is much appreciated. Thanks again Kath.

That’s the end of the trip for this year, though watch out for the next post with more info including the itinerary and eventually I’ll get back to filling you in on projects (hexagons, tent maker panel, BAWARAO, QFO…there’s so much to talk about).

Happy stitching in the meantime.


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QE8 – Quilters’ Escape Penrith

After staying in Penrith overnight, I snuck out early to meet some local friends. It was a lovely way to start the day with a walk by the Nepean River followed by waffles and coffee for breakfast (sounds very American doesn’t it ;-).

I rejoined the quilters crew at Folklore aka Penrith Patchwork. This was a great big shop with a huge collection of fabrics at good prices. Definitely worth a look. I was tempted to buy a fabric die cutter to help with our community quilts but looking at the prices of the dies, I decided we can wait a few more years.

After getting a little fabric and a few scraps to put into my grannys garden scrap collection, we headed out for the highway again and I did some more stitching on my tentmaker panel (shown above). It was probably just as well that we were back on the road – I think we were getting rather shopping fatigued and I hadn’t got enough sewing done yet anyway.

While it’d been a fun trip it was a good feeling to know I’d be sleeping in my own bed that night.

Next stop and next post – Southern Highlands


PS: If you want to read about this quilters escape posts in order – use the category or read all the posts that start with ‘QE’ starting with number 1.

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QE7- Quilters Escape – Down the mountain

After a few weeks hiatus, here is the remainder of the posts about my recent Quilters Escape to the Blue Mountains, in New South Wales Australia. So far we have fone from Yass to Cowra, Bathurst, blackheath and Katoomba….next stop is the Norman Lindsay Gallery….

I found the gallery surprisingly interesting. Yes I am a bit of a philistine when it comes to art and I’ve never particularly liked anything but the magic pudding that I have encountered from Norman Lindsay. What surprised me was that he had also done water colours and block prints as well as writing novels (which I have it on good authority are quite good) and building model ships. And, have to say it was nice to see acknowledgement of Norman’s wife Rose in the gallery as well. Apparrently, Rose was the powerhouse of the printing business and that Lindsay made model boats too. I do have to say that I love the magic pudding story, it is a wonderful book for sharing with children and adults so I had to get a photo of that too.

We had afternoon tea at the gallery which had great scones. Here’s a photo as proof for sconequest who hasn’t been here yet…


After a surprisingly insightful time at the gallery we were off to Post Office Patchwork at Glenbrook. This is a great store, with good service and it’s owner recently won first place and people’s choice in category at the Houston quilt show. Way to go!


We finally made it to the hotel where I had drinks with the quilters and dinner with friends – the Akira teppankaki restaurant was very nice. Off for a snooze in preparation for a winding homeward journey tomorrow.


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QFO6 – Back in the driving seat

After months of busyness with other things I finally got some quality sewing machine time in this afternoon. Yay!

I felt like doing something simple and i am trying to get some projects finished so I brought out this lovely QFO project that has been waiting for me to give it the attention it deserves. Off we went, quilt, machine and driver rolling along in the afternoon sun.

It feels so good to have done some sewing. In fact it is like l have started opening my Christmas presents already. I knew I was missing my stitching and now…I will go for it over the Christmas break.

Happy holidays to one and all and may 2014 bring you joy in your sewing and beyond.


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TM4 – wheels on the bus

Today’s trip home on the bus was for stitching my tentmaker panel as i have run out of scraps for my hexagons.

What was curious about the journey was that as 3 teenage boys sat chattering about skating and football near by. As they chatted i realised that if they were in Cairo they could be accomplished tent makers by this age and yet here they were working at the local supermarket. Odd unexpected contrast of cultures.



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QE6- Quilters Escape – Katoomba and Leura

Sunday started well with a walk down valley view road. There were bower birds, bell birds and other things I could not recognise. I thought the tyre swing here was very cute.


The weather gods were not on our side as we headed out to the scenic railway and echo point and the Everglades gardens – the fog came in and whited out the view so we headed over to the stitching post at Katoomba for more fabric and morning tea.

Next we headed to Leura for some lunch and shopping. First stop was the lovely Picklemouse House where I am always tempted to buy panels but got some fabric for appliqué bears instead this time.

Given we had nearly two hours, I found a lovely spot on the verandah for lunch and a few pages of my book. I got my times confused and ended up back at the bus am hour early so headed out again to check out the local gardens. Since I was on a roll I followed the signs down to the Leura cascades and noting I had only 30 minutes left I not-footed it back up the path and the hill and somehow got back with fifteen minutes to spare. And the my quilting buddies were surprised that I was red in the face and jumper-less by the time I got back to the bus!

Time to put the feet up for a rest!


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QE5- Quilters Escape -Blackheath

Saturday afternoon turned out to be dry enough to get to the rhododendron gardens, govett’s leap.


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